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Token examples


standard signature of function/event adherence value
ERC20 function totalSupply()
ERC20 function balanceOf(address) N.A.
ERC20 function transfer(address,uint256) N.A.
ERC20 function transferFrom(address,address,uint256) N.A.
ERC20 function approve(address,uint256) N.A.
ERC20 function allowance(address,address) N.A.
ERC20 event Transfer(address,address,uint256) N.A.
ERC20 event Approval(address,address,uint256) N.A.
HumanStandard function name()
HumanStandard function decimals()
HumanStandard function symbol()
HumanStandard function version()
HumanStandard function approveAndCall(address,uint256,bytes) N.A.
HumanStandard function receiveApproval(address,uint256,address,bytes) N.A.
Others function standard()



Adherence check

By querying the remote node from, the bytecode for the token can be found and the respective function/event signatures can be searched to determine if that function/event exists for the token. However, do note that this method has its limitation - it is possible to obstrucate such that the function/event exists in the token but its signature does not show up in the bytecode. Similarly, matching the signature does not show what the function/event does, which might differ from the standards.